Freedom Hill Surveys

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Please take a survey to give the Board of Directors a better idea of your opinions. Each survey is no longer than six multiple-choice questions, and gives you the opportunity to comment as well. NOTE: By clicking on a survey title, you will be brought to another website. After hitting DONE at the end of the survey, you will have to hit the BACK ARROW twice to return to the FHC website, or re-type the address into your browser

Thank you

  Recycle & Trash Survey
This survey collects your opinion on a recycling program at FHC, where recyclables would be collected weekly, and regular trash would be carted by residents themselves. The savings per year would be roughly $7500, which could be used elsewhere in our budget

  Office Hours Survey
This survey collects your opinion on office hours at the Bartlett Shed and how likely you would be to avail yourself of them

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