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The Current Board of Directors
If a Board position is underlined, click on it to see a description of duties

President Janet Verville   
Vice President Anita Wise 417-844-2162 or 603-227-6504   
Treasurer Susan Perkins   
Secretary Seat Available   
Operations/Maint Adam Bergeron Maint cell: (603) 715-0723   
Director-at-Large Robert Whitehead   
Director-at-Large Doug Clemons (603) 545-9266   
Asst Treasurer Seat Available   
Asst Secretary Angella Sears   

Revised May 16, 2019

Click here for other information regarding Board positions and filling a seat on the Board

See the updated Info Board Poster for current, important Co-Op information (Revised 1/13/19)

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