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Note: All emails to the Board of Directors will be funneled through Janet. You may still send emails or make phone calls to the posted FHC contacts shown here. Thank you for your understanding. You may always use the email address: to contact the BOD

The Current Board of Directors
If a Board position is underlined, click on it to see a description of duties

President Janet Verville-Clough or
Vice President Anita Wise 417-844-2162 or
Treasurer Donna Odde or
Secretary VACANT   
Operations/Maint Joe Keuenhoff 603-783-1405   
Director-at-Large Annette Kowalczyk   
Director-at-Large VACANT   
Asst Treasurer Sandra Webb   
Asst Secretary VACANT   

Revised July 12, 2021

Click here for other information regarding Board positions and filling a seat on the Board

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