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Contact Us

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By Mail
  1. Drop notes, documents, inquiries, forms, complaints & requests (but NOT rent payments) to:
    The FHC Office Box at the mailhouse
  2. Send letters, notes, & documents (but NOT rent payments) to:
    Freedom Hill Cooperative, Inc
    11 Redwood Rd
    Loudon NH 03307
  3. Drop off RENT ONLY into the Rent Box:
    Now located within the mail kiosk building
  4. Mail rent payments to:
    Freedom Hill Cooperative
    c/o The Hodges Management Co
    201 Loudon Road
    Concord, NH 03301

By Phone
  1. Call the Cooperative's general phone number: (603) 545-1239
  2. Call the Cooperative's Maintenance Dept: See the current Maintenance Director on the BOD page
  3. Find the individual Board Members' contact info on this page


By Email
  1. Contact the Board here or by sending a message to:
  2. Contact the Maintenance Dept here or by sending a message to: