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    Our Water System

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NH Dept of Environmental Services - Water Division

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Conserving water in the bathroom
Conserving water in the kitchen and laundry
Lawns & landscaping that conserve water
Detecting leaks
Conducting a home water audit
Greenworks: handling leaks

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The 2015 Consumer Confidence Report - mailed 2016
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Best Management Practices for Groundwater Protection
Gilford Well recommends reading---->Got Clean Drinking Water?

The 2016 Consumer Confidence Report - mailed 2017
The 2020 Consumer Confidence Report (2019 data)
The 2021 Consumer Confidence Report (2020 data)
The 2022 Consumer Confidence Report (2021 data)

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Water Notice Nov 22 2021:

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Water Notice Apr 7 2022:

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Water Notice Quarter 4 2022:

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Water Notice Apr 14 2023:

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About the Loudon Town Beach:

Although the true reason residents cannot have a swimming pool (of any size) is due to insurance regulations, we all want to be conscious of our water use at all times. Many current residents have children of young ages, and grandchildren (or even great-grandchildren) who visit frequently. While it would be nice to allow them to play in a kiddie-sized pool, it simply is not feasible in this park. In the summer of 2016, a flyer was posted on this website, and on the bulletin board at the mailhouse, with information about the Loudon Town Beach on Clough Pond. For the summer season of 2017, conflicting reports have reached us regarding this beach. We heard there would be renovations to remove overgrown vegetation, and replenish the sand layer. While a schedule was posted last year on the Town of Loudon website, under the Recreation Committee, for swimming lessons to be held throughout July and August, we have not seen anything this year, and we don't know if lessons are still planned.

At the July 13th Board meeting, it was brought to our attention by current members that the Faith Community Bible Church on Rt 106 and Currier Rd has volunteered to spruce up the town's beach, supposedly within a few weeks. For this reason, we are re-posting the flyer here, so that parents (and grandparents) can check out this area as a possibility for swimming and recreation options. Please do investigate as to the suitability of this beach meeting your family's needs.

For those who are children at heart, regardless of age, take note that the boat ramp at Clough Pond is always available for launching small boats, canoes, and kayaks. There is a decent-sized parking area to leave your vehicle and/or trailer, complete with a porta-potty. The parking area for the actual swimming beach also boasts a porta-potty.

See the updated flyer here




Thank you to Mike McCarthy for the photos, and to Mike McCarthy & Mike Southwick for their hard work in clearing out small trees and brush from the wellhouse area