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     Important Information

Prospective buyers who wish to view one of the homes for sale in the park MUST contact the real estate agent listing the home, or the homeowner. No one is permitted to enter or trespass on someone's lot in this community without authorization. All owners/residents in the community must be Members of the Cooperative. You will put your application for membership at risk if you are found to be trespassing.

Thank you for your cooperation in respecting our residents' privacy

     Currently Available Homes   Updated March 14, 2023



  Sale Price

No homes currently for sale Note: there are no available lots in the park for moving in a mobile home


Reference the Park Map   
   The Application Process
----> Start with reviewing this Check List

   Please print out the Check List and then consult these documents, before applying as a resident owner in the park:
  1. Application for Membership in the Park's Cooperative
  2. Authorization to Obtain Credit Report Form
  3. Criminal Record Release Form (One for each resident of the home, aged 18+)
    NOTE: You must obtain your own criminal background check for everyone over the age of 18 who will be living in the home. These can be easily obtained at the Department of Safety on Hazen Dr in Concord.
    ALSO: for those applicants moving from another state, obtain an out-of-state background check
  4. 2019 Occupancy Agreement Form with Census

Sale prices noted here are an approximation. Prospective buyers must contact the sellers/real estate agents for current info. FHC makes no claim to the accuracy of this information, and posts it here for general information purposes only. Neither the seller, their real estate agency, nor FHC can be held liable for misinformation shown here. It is the buyer's sole responsibility to obtain current information before viewing or considering a purchase within the park

   Please use these forms as necessary:

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