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  1. How do I purchase a home in the park?
  2. Do I need to sign anything or join something to live here?
  3. Is there anything I need to know about life in this park? Updated 4/3/18
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  1. What if something is wrong with my home?
  2. What about the roads?
  3. What if I see something wrong with the grounds?

The Board of Directors has initiated a new communications feature, to help address common Member concerns. The new feature is called:
"Have You Ever Wondered Why....?"

and will include questions that are frequently presented to the Board, as well as complaints heard, and discussions held at Board Meetings.

Please see the questions addressed on these flyers:

    Park Staff & Residents ~ Go to responses
  1. Are there employees who handle business for the cooperative?
  2. What positions are open?
  3. Can I volunteer without serving on the Board of Directors?
  4. What are committees?
    Recently Asked by Our Neighbors ~ Go to responses
  1. Why do I sometimes see a car group staring at my yard? Updated 10/16/15
  2. Can I have a bonfire?
  3. How do I reach the Maintenance Director? I've tried calling and I never seem to get through! Updated 10/16/15
  4. The Park Rules specify "no carrying of firearms." Isn't this a violation of my Second Amendment rights? Updated 01/13/17
  5. Why do I need to be a member of the Cooperative if I don't intend to reside on the premises? Updated 04/3/18

Living in the Park

Response Section
  1. How do I purchase a home in the park?
    Visit the Available Homes page, where you'll find a checklist and forms
  2. Do I need to sign anything or join something to live here?
    As you'll find in the section of forms, there is an Occupancy Agreement to sign. This is basically an agreement to follow the  Park Rules. You will become a member of the Cooperative by filling out a Membership Application. Members are all co-owners of the Cooperative, as this is a resident-owned community. All homes are owner-occupied, and may not be rented out. Updated 4/3/18 Additionally, any name that appears on the deed to the home must be approved Members who have gone through the application process, but not all names on the deed must be residing in the home. For example, if someone is buying the home with you, and they want their name to appear on the deed, they will have to co-apply for membership. They do not necessarily have to reside in the home at any given time, but they do have the right to do so, as far as Park Occupancy is concerned.
  3. Is there anything I need to know about life in this park?
    Life in a resident-owned community is slightly different from other neighborhoods. Read the Park Rules and Bylaws to get a feel for what is required of our owners. The community elects a 9-member Board of Directors to conduct necessary business. See the "Park Staff & Residents" section for more about this. In general, this community is all-ages and all-inclusive, and as owners all residents would want to keep the park safe, attractive, and affordable Updated 4/3/18 Park Inspections are performed twice a year, based on the Park Rules that all of Membership votes in. It is possible to receive violation letters, and in severe cases where there are recurring violations and a failure to rectify, Membership can be revoked. Rents are $70 higher per month for those whose Membership has been revoked. There is also an eviction process, based on non-payment of rents and other gross rule violations. In general, it is always best to inform the Board of any issues, as they will strive to work with any resident to help avoid revocation and eviction. Attending BOD & Membership meetings is always highly recommended.
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Park Maintenance

Response Section
  1. What if something is wrong with my home?
    Freedom Hill Cooperative is responsible for providing your lot with electricity, septic, and water. The homeowner is responsible for making sure the home is properly hooked up to these services, and that any lines or pipes from the lot to the home or inside the home are in good repair and not leaking or damaged in any way. If you have any concerns, always contact our Operations/Maintenance Director or another Board member. See the Board of Directors page or the Contact Us page. Keep in mind that many of these elected Board members have been residents here for decades, and are willing to assist you in keeping your home in good repair
  2. What about the roads?
    Freedom Hill Cooperative is responsible for the roads. But remember, the Cooperative is made up of its owners, its residents -- you! Many road maintenance functions are performed by volunteer residents, including plowing & sanding in the winter and minor patching repairs. When an outside contractor is needed, such as for paving or sweeping, the Cooperative pays for these services out of its budget. Consider helping to keep expenses under control by volunteering to assist with plowing, sanding, salting, and minor repairs
  3. What if I see something wrong with the grounds?
    As co-owners, you are right to be concerned. Does something need mowing? Is something unsafe? Is there something unattractive going on? Contact the Maintenance Department by your favored method on the Contact Us page. Very important to our community is the water system, as it is a private water source and costly to repair. If you notice anything that could be construed as a sign of a leak, contact a Board member immediately. Always remember that YOU own this park. Help keep it running smoothly, help keep the lot rents down. Be aware that there is a Capital Improvement Plan in the works, with a committee of Board members and residents overseeing its development. Consider attending a Board meeting to inquire about this CIP or the committee itself
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Park Staff & Residents

Response Section
  1. Are there employees who handle business for the cooperative? There are 9 positions on the Board of Directors, and they are all volunteers and all Member residents of the Cooperative. They enforce Park Rules, form and operate committees, watch over the budget, and insure the day-to-day and month-to-month operation of the park -- mostly invisible functions. They keep compliant with local, State, and Federal laws that govern resident-owned communities and landlord situations, and report regularly to ROC-NH, the State DES, and other governing agencies. But most importantly - they answer to YOU. Board meetings are held once monthly, the second Thursday, at 6:30pm at the Bartlett Shed Meeting Room. Your voice is important to the Board, so attend when you are able.

    The Cooperative currently retains the services of The Hodges Companies (for rent management, accounts payable, and accounting functions together with Drouin Associates). Our attorney is Glenn Raiche. These are paid services and are included in our budget
  2. What positions are open? Please see the Board of Directors  page for a list of positions. In September 2015, at the Annual Membership Meeting, all Board positions were filled, so that we have a full BoD for the first time in many years. Board of Directors may serve for a 2-year term, and may hold their positions for 3 consecutive terms. Please consider donating some of your time in this invaluable service to the community
  3. Can I volunteer without serving on the Board of Directors? Yes you may! And please do. Besides joining (or proposing) a committee, you may volunteer to assist in any existing committee. Also, many highly-valued and wonderful residents give of their time whenever they can, just picking up the slack where something may be needed. Recently seen: a gentleman sweeping up some road sand where he felt it was dangerous at an intersection; a youth picking up trash at the roadside; Street Captains (or couriers) delivering newsletters to each home; a neighbor mowing a section of tall grass; a resident informing neighbors of a bear sighting. That's what it's all about: neighbor helping neighbor, residents helping the park
  4. What are committees? A committee is formed with at least one Board member and at least 2 Members of the Cooperative, to administer to a particular need of the Park. We currently have: a Membership Committee (to process new applications to the Park); a Park Rules Committee (to propose, enforce, and maintain the community's voted-in rules); a Finance Committee (to oversee the budget and financial concerns of the Park); a Capital Improvement Plan Committee (to identify and address CI issues); a Maintenance Committee (made up of a crew of volunteers who have an interest in working around the Park); and a Social Committee (in its infancy after years of dormancy, this committee is involved in newsletters, the Street Captain program, the webpage and other avenues of interfacing with our residents). The Cooperative requires a Grievance Committee, which is currently handled more informally by several Board members. Most committees meet once a month. Attend a Board meeting, and inquire about joining a committee
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Recently Asked by Our Neighbors

Response Section
  1. Why do I sometimes see a car group staring at my yard? Updated Oct 16, 2015 We are sorry that it feels like staring. This is the Park Rules Committee doing a park-wide inspection. We have recently implemented a couple of changes in the way this is done: 1) A notice of inspection is put up on the Bulletin Boards notifying residents a few days beforehand that an inspection will be done; and 2) Inspections are only performed 3 times per year: Spring, Summer, and Fall, circumstances permitting. Shortly, all Park Rules Committee members performing an inspection or follow-up will be required to identify themselves on the vehilce being used. Please don't regard these inspections as an invasion of privacy. They insure that the rules and standards that the community has voted in are upheld, and that the Park remains compliant and attractive
  2. Can I have a bonfire? No you may not have an open fire, or large bonfire, in this community. You do have alternatives available to you, though. At the June 11 BOD meeting, our own resident, Bill Lake, represented the Loudon Fire Department (he is deputy chief) by presenting information to us for legal and safe fires for a community of this size. Please visit the Available Homes page to find the section on "Permits" you can view or print, including a burn permit and the procedure for obtaining one
  3. How do I reach the Maintenance Director? I've tried calling and I never seem to get through! Updated Oct 16, 2015 Sorry about that. The phone & number was recently changed. But you know what? Even though the phone number is correct on the  Contact Us page, the best way to communicate with the Maintenance Department is by email, or by dropping a note in the Office Box, which is located at the mailhouse. Of course if it's an emergency, do call the Maintenance phone number, or any Board member. You may also bring your concerns to a Board of Directors meeting, second Thursday of any month, 6:30pm in the Bartlett Shed
  4. The Park Rules specify "no carrying of firearms." Isn't this a violation of my Second Amendment rights? According to our attorney, the Second Amendment does NOT apply to private property. Furthermore, that amendment does not give a person the right to carry or discharge a firearm in any location he chooses, such as on an airplane. The wording of our Park Rules regarding firearms is legally sound and enforceable. The purpose of the rule is to keep this family park safe, as there are children residing here. Loaded firearms pose a safety concern for all residents, of any age, where a tragic accident could result Updated Jan 13, 2017 The Park Rules effective Feb 1, 2017 note several changes, and there is a change in the verbiage to this firearms rule. Please familiarize yourself with current Park Rules
  5. Why do I need to be a member of the Cooperative if I don't intend to live on the premises? Updated Apr 3, 2018 Only owners may be residents in the community, though we understand that sometimes a person's name is going to be on the deed as having co-purchased the home, but they will not be residing. In that instance, the person whose name is on the deed has the ability to live in the home; therefore they must go through the application process to be an approved member. Their credit will be checked for a minimum FICO score of 600, and their criminal history should be clear, or else accepted by the Board according to the Policies and Procedures in effect (See Section IV of the Membership Committee Policy here). In rare instances, buyers have sought to purchase a home in the community for the purpose of "flipping" it, without residing in it. While the Cooperative has maintained its rule of approving such ones as members and residents, it is also possible for these buyers to apply as "non-members." They would go through the same approval criteria, which would include a debt-to-income ratio of 40% or less. Most often, this ratio is not met, as these buyers frequently also maintain separate mortgage expenses outside the community. At any rate, if these buyers succeed in being approved as non-members, they would have a monthly lot rent that is $70 higher than the prevailing rate for members.
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