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Rent, Annual Budget, and Monthly Financial Statements              
Paying Rent

Please see below, under How to Pay Rent, for the new location of the Rent Box as of March 28, 2019

We are a fluid community, with new Members moving in periodically. But we also have a stable base of long-time Members who have recently expressed some frustration at not fully understanding the lot rent process here at the Freedom Hill Cooperative. We hope this page will be useful in clarifying these issues.


  • As of January 1, 2023 Membership lot rent is $496. Non-Members pay $70 more

  • The Hodges Companies manages the accounting for the Freedom Hill Cooperative. They are a paid contractor for this service. Hodges manages many other properties in the general area

  • Lot rent is always made payable to Freedom Hill Cooperative, Inc

  • Rent is due on the first (1st) of each month. There is a grace period until the 5th. NEW! New laws make the rent grace period 7 days now. Any rent received after the 7th will incur a $25 late fee

  • The Treasurer of the Freedom Hill Co-Op keeps a ledger of checks received each month, before turning them over to Hodges. This lets us know (and lets Hodges know) that a check was received in a timely manner

  • Park Rules allow for your rent check to be deposited into the Rent Box by 6:00pm of the 7th of the month to be considered timely. As a courtesy, the Rent Box sports a notice which extends that time to 7pm. The Rent Box is not required to be checked again until the 1st of the following month, as any rents placed in there after the 7th are late. However, our Treasurer will occasionally check the box throughout the month anyway. This is an extended courtesy, and in no way represents a waiver of late fees, or a special right that any Member can claim. The Board reserves the right to ignore any rents placed in the Rent Box after the 7th of any month, until the 1st of the following month

  • Hodges has their own policies with regards to serving notices, and processing such items as fees, penalties, and evictions. These are not able to be modified by FHC, but the Board of Directors of the Co-Op does try to work along with Hodges to prevent random "form notices" from being issued or served, if they are aware of special circumstances

How to Pay Rent

  • Make your check payable to Freedom Hill Cooperative

  • NEW LOCATION March 2019: Drop your check into the Rent Box located in the mailhouse, to the left of the entrance door, before the 7th of the month.

  • If it is after the 7th, mail your check to:
    Freedom Hill Cooperative
    c/o Hodges Companies
    Attn: K Vierus
    201 Loudon Rd
    Concord NH 03301

  • If your rent is late, add $25 to the check, or at least expect a notice of late fees to be sent to you

  • Never put cash or coins into the Rent Box

  • NEW! April 2018  Hodges has contracted with PayLease to accept Online Payments of your rent!
    What to do:
    1. Set up an account on Hodges' webpage: (Choose the Resident-Owned [ROC] portal)
    2. Look for an introductory letter mailed by Hodges on April 3 to all current Members, which includes your Lease ID and Lot#. You may call Kristy at 224-9221 to get this info too
    3. Go to the PayLease website or call 866-729-5327 if you have questions regarding their service
    4. Be aware that processing fees may apply.  Call Kristy at Hodges for more info
    5. New members may need to wait until Hodges has established a new account before taking advantage of this option. Call Kristy to determine your Lease ID and Lot #

Other Information

  • Alternatively, you may always mail your check to:
    Freedom Hill Cooperative
    11 Redwood Rd
    Loudon NH 03307
    UPDATE June 2018: The Board has requested that mailed checks go directly to Hodges, rather than to the 11 Redwood address. Thank you!

  • It is always best to contact the Board of Directors if you have any issue with your rent. Our Treasurer can interface with Hodges to insure that there isn't miscommunication, or messages crossed in the mail

  • Each Member is entitled to one (1) waived late fee for the lifetime of their Membership. This waiver must be requested of the Board of Directors, who will relay the information to Hodges

Budget & Financial Statements

See the Membership-accepted budget and monthly Budget Analysis reports here

If you have any difficulty in viewing or downloading these documents, please contact the Treasurer for assistance