Freedom Hill
Freedom Hill Cooperative, Inc
11 Redwood Road
Loudon NH 03307
A 148-home resident-owned community since 2002
dba Pine Ridge Estates
We wish to welcome you to our community.
It is our desire to provide a pleasant, attractive, and affordable place for people to live

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Quickly find:
  • Building permit - Here (including driveway extensions & fences)
  • Outside burn permit - Here
  • Storage area permit - Here
  • Park membership application documents - Here (including credit & criminal checks)
  • Paying rent - Here
  • Member Census Form

The Board of Directors has initiated a new communications feature, to help address common Member concerns. The new feature is called:
"Have You Ever Wondered Why....?"

and will include questions that are frequently presented to the Board, as well as complaints heard, and discussions held at Board Meetings.

Please see the questions addressed on these flyers:

Recently updated:
  • 04/28/22 - Posted the CCR Water Report on the Water page
  • 04/28/22 - Posted the New Member Census Form, above and here
  • 05/08/22 - Added the New Member Census Form to the Occupancy Agreement
  • 05/08/22 - Posted a Water Notice here
  • 10/16/22 - Updated the Park Rules page with an Amendment approved 9/24/22
                        Rule change effective immediately
  • 11/07/22 - Updated the printable Park Rules to include amendments from 9/24/22
  • 01/23/23 - Modified the Application Process & Check List here
  • 02/20/23 - Updated the Rent Page with new Jan 1 2023 lot rent of $496
  • 03/14/23 - Updated the Available Homes Page
  • 04/14/23 - Posted a Notice on the Water System Page
  • 04/20/23 - Updated the Financial Statements here
  • 04/20/23 - Updated the Meeting Minutes Page

  • Weekly Trash Pickup is Thursdays - See the new 2020 holiday schedule here
    Weeks with a Holiday will be Friday Pickup
    (Each household may put out 5 large lawn-size bags weekly, or 10 kitchen-size)

  • The Posted Speed Limit is 15 mph

  • The Rent Box is now located at the mailhouse
    Rent can be dropped in this box up until the 7th of the month without incurring late fees. This box is for rent only please

    A separate FHC box is available in the mailhouse to get forms, notices & questions to us quickly

  • Board meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Bartlett Shed at 6:30pm
    You are strongly encouraged to attend!

  • See a copy of the Info Board Poster with important Co-Op information

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